A Tasty Way To Get Your Kids To Drink Water

Parents frequently ask us for ways to get their kids to drink water. We encourage parents to make their kids’ water fun by dressing it up by adding a Hawaiian umbrella or adding cute ice cubes in different shapes or by adding a small piece of fruit to enhance the flavor. Here is a simple recipe that can make your kids’ water tastier, visually appealing and still healthy.

Strawberry Fusion

1) Fill a glass with regular tap water
2) Wash a strawberry and cut in half
3) Drop strawberry pieces in water

Why Drinking Water Is Important

So now we’ve made a tasty water drink but why is drinking water so important? Nutrition expert Kathryn Fink sheds some light on the importance of drinking water. “Water helps transport nutrients and waste, temperature regulation, metabolism and acts as a lubricant for our joints, eyes and spinal column. One of the key things that is helpful for my clients in weight management is getting enough water. Many people confuse hunger and thirst. I find often people go for the food first, when they really just need some water.

Think about what would happen if you tried to boil pasta and didn’t have enough water. What would happen? It wouldn’t do what it needed to and would just come out gummy. This is just like your body. Water helps it to do things it needs to do, like metabolism and clearing waste out of your body. For specific recommendation of how much water you need based on your circumstances, check with a registered dietitian.”

So let’s remember, water not only helps keep your kids’ bodies hydrated but also helps your kids’ teeth stay healthy.
Editor’s Note: Kathryn Fink, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, CEDRD, registered dietitian in Irving, Texas, is an award winning, nationally quoted nutrition & fitness consultant who educates and motivates groups and individuals to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Her commentary is not intended to replace medical advice. Follow her on Twitter @kathrynrdld

Reviewed By Dr. Reena Kuba, DDS, MS, Board Certified, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

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