The body’s ability to heal always amazes me…couple that with new medical advances like hard tissue soft tissue lasers and you get this case!

Six year old female presents with a Mucocele (a cystic lesion resulting from a damaged salivary duct) on the inside of her lower lip. The patient had been chewing on it and the cyst had gotten quite large. (Posted with parent’s consent.)

Picture 1 and 2:
Pre-op photos

Excision (remove the lesion) with a Biolase Waterlase I-plus Laser. This laser is very kind to the tissue and allows me to remove the lesion with very minimal bleeding and without having to place sutures (stitches). The laser also has a setting that places a “laser bandage” to help minimize inflammation and promote healing.

Picture 3:
Immediately post-op. No bleeding. No sutures needed. Post laser bandage.

Follow up:
The patient returns for two weeks follow up post treatment and the area had healed amazingly. You could not even tell where the lesion was to start with. Mom reports the patient had no pain, discomfort, and very minimal bleeding. Mom was amazed at how smooth the procedure and recovery was…truth be told, it still amazes me too!

Picture 4:
2 weeks post treat. All healed and unable to tell excision site.

I love this case because it really shows the amazing healing potential of the body! And, it also shows how lasers can take a traditionally traumatic procedure on the tissues (scalps and sutures) and turn it into a gentle and rapid healing procedure.

Can’t wait to see what all the future holds for the future of Pediatric Dentistry, and I am sure glad I have a laser in hand!