Unhealthy gum tissue is red, inflamed, and bleeding

36 Hours after Bacterial Reduction Therapy: gums are healthy, pink, and no longer inflamed!

Less Bacteria = Lowered Risk of Gum Disease, Infection, and Discomfort!
Improved Oral Health = Better Overall Health

What is Bacterial Reduction Therapy?

Concentrated light energy is used to vaporize unhealthy bacteria, safely and comfortably decontaminating the gum tissue around teeth.

What are the Benefits of Bacterial Reduction Therapy?

  • Oral bacteria levels are reduced up to 90%!!!
  • Stops the spread of bacteria by preventing cross-contamination from an affected area of the mouth to a healthy area

Is Bacterial Reduction Therapy Safe for Kids?

Yes! Bacterial reduction is safe for patients of all ages! The treatment is painless and does not require anesthetic.

Is the Procedure Time Consuming?

Not at all! Bacterial Reduction Therapy can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, and can easily be added in to your regular 6 month check-up and cleaning appointment.